VR Hero Sentry

About the game

Traditional Mechanics

Most of us have all tried and loved old-school hero-oriented RTS community mods. Now it has come to Virtual Reality. Inspired by classic RPG community mods, you'll earn skill points to upgrade your choice of spell path, and improve your stats through the vendor system that offers armoury, weapon upgrades and magical trinkets.

Play your favourite build with the endless customization in game strategies - spell based, tankish,reliant on attack damage or invested in building your army? Choose whatever specialization you must to stand your ground.

Evade, dodge, aim, repeat - Flying, melee and ranged units will challenge your movements and reaction time, as AI and complex agro-systems requires strategic positioning - how close dare you come to enhance your aim?

Find Your Path

As your hero progresses and gains experience, explore play-styles with the help of the unique skill-tree of every class. Earn spellpoints and enjoy the creative freedom of shaping your hero's spellpath; specialize in your loyal companion, balance your skill investments or go all in on cooldown reduction - but make sure your hero's mana and mana-regeneration can follow your heroic plans!

Never ending gameplay to test your skills

The infinite gameplay invites you to improve your fighting over time by experimenting and refining strategies always striving to beat your personal best. But you'll not only be battling your own personal best - we invite every competitive player to seek fame and stardom at the top of the leader board!

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