VR Hero Sentry

Coming to HTC Vive Fall 2018

    VR Hero Sentry is an immersive VR ARPG inspired by oldschool RTS community mods that we all know and love.

    Coming to HTC VIVE on Steam Fall 2018.

    VR Hero Sentry

    Build Customization

    Choose your build amongst endless customization possibilities and refine your strategies. Pick your hero and class; reliant on attack damage, spell-based or building an army to aid you in battle? Spend gold wisely among magical trinkets and armoury increasing your various stats. Choose and upgrade your spells wisely - mana is sparse, and every shot counts!

    VR Hero Sentry

    Play style

    Frost or fire? Arcane or necromancy? Choose your spells wisely, and upgrade accordingly. Specialize your spell tree whether you’re into crowd control, blast damage or burst damage. Buy magical trinkets to intensify spells, resilient armours or bows to increase attack damage. At the right price, mercenaries and ranged companions will aid you in battle, but spend with caution: Purchases affect your game style, and one wrong decision may mean the end of you.

    VR Hero Sentry

    Combat System & Infinite Gameplay

    In the advanced combat system, you’ll fight your way through infinite hordes of challenging enemies that attack at range, up close or from above. Abrupted only by titanic bosses, the never ending gameplay will make sure to test your combat skills; Control the crowds or risk it all. Duck, dodge and evade - how close dare you go to optimize aim? Rise to the top of the seasonal leaderboards or join the elite in hardcore mode.

    VR Hero Sentry

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    VR Hero Sentry
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